Understanding Weapon Rarity in Fortnite

Understanding Weapon Rarity in Fortnite

Hello GamesorGadget friends! Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important aspects of Fortnite: weapon rarity. If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to the color of your weapons. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about weapon rarity and why it matters.

What is Weapon Rarity?

In Fortnite, weapons are divided into six different categories of rarity: Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Gold), and Mythic (Red). Each level of rarity corresponds to how powerful the weapon is, with Common being the weakest and Mythic being the strongest.

The level of rarity of a weapon can be identified by its color, which is displayed next to its name when you pick it up. This color coding makes it easy to identify the rarity of a weapon at a glance, which is particularly useful during the fast-paced action of a Fortnite match.

Why Does Weapon Rarity Matter?

The level of rarity of a weapon is directly related to how powerful it is. For example, a Common Assault Rifle will do less damage than a Rare Assault Rifle. Similarly, a Legendary Sniper Rifle will be more accurate and do more damage than a Common Sniper Rifle. So, having a higher rarity weapon gives you a distinct advantage in battle. Additionally, some weapons only come in certain levels of rarity. For example, the Mythic Goldfish is a weapon that can only be found in the Mythic rarity, so if you want to use it, you need to be lucky enough to find it.

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How Do You Get Higher Rarity Weapons?

In Fortnite, weapons are scattered throughout the map and can be found in chests, supply drops, and on the ground. The higher the level of rarity, the rarer the weapon will be to find.

Another way to get higher rarity weapons is by upgrading them. This can be done by using the Upgrade Bench, which is located in various locations throughout the map. Upgrading a weapon will increase its level of rarity and make it more powerful.

Which Weapons are the Most Powerful?

As mentioned earlier, the most powerful weapons in Fortnite are the ones with the highest level of rarity. However, some weapons are considered to be more powerful than others, even within the same level of rarity.

For example, the Legendary Scar Assault Rifle is widely considered to be one of the best weapons in the game, even though it is only one level higher in rarity than the Epic Assault Rifle. Similarly, the Mythic Drum Gun is one of the most sought-after weapons in the game due to its high damage and accuracy.


Understanding weapon rarity is crucial to your success in Fortnite. Knowing which weapons to use and how to get them can give you a significant advantage in battle. So, make sure you pay attention to the color of the weapons you pick up, and try to upgrade them whenever possible. With a little bit of luck and skill, you could become a Fortnite champion!

Thank you for reading, GamesorGadget friends. We hope this article has been helpful in understanding weapon rarity in Fortnite. Stay tuned for more exciting gaming content!

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Until next time, happy gaming!

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